Why Serviced Offices

5 Key Benefits Unlike traditional office spaces, a serviced office is a workspace which comes furnished, with internet and phone lines connected as well as a supportive reception team to take calls and welcome clients on your behalf. There are plenty of benefits to a serviced office that make it a smart worthwhile alternative for […]

5 Key Benefits of Serviced Offices in 2021

Please consider these 5 key benefits of leveraging a serviced office in 2021 and joining us at Mithridates Business Center: Our flexible serviced offices aim to help you adapt and continue your operations in the new normal, with high-level security and protective measures to keep you safe and productive in this turbulent period.

7 Key Characteristics of a Successful Company

Here are 7 must-have characteristics for you to consider if you want to put your business on the right path: 1. LEADERSHIP One of the key characteristics of a successful business is a leader – or leadership team – who gets their employees as excited about their product or service as they are. 2. CUSTOMER […]

Post-COVID Office Solutions: New Models and Trends

However, recent studies have proven that the office as we know it is important for corporate culture, teamwork, training and mentoring, and cannot be dealt completely without. Instead, there is a reinterpretation of the very idea of ​​an office – from a place where work tasks are performed, it turns into a space for exchanging […]

Social distancing at work: expert advice

Our experts offer the following tips for implementing social distancing in the workplace to ensure the health and safety of employees: If possible, try to stay at least six feet (two meters) away from colleagues Rearrange desktops to give each employee the personal space they need from a security point of view. Avoid crowded places […]

Separate collection and disposal of waste: how to motivate staff

We bring to your attention a few simple but effective techniques that will help implement a program for the separate collection and disposal of waste among staff: If you follow these rules, employees will have a clear motivation and satisfaction from the fact that their joint efforts help save the planet and preserve the environment.

Pros and cons of open offices

Despite the unflagging popularity, an open office layout is not suitable for every company, because with such advantages as ease of communication and variability, there are significant disadvantages – for example, a lack of personal space. Weigh the main “pros” and “cons” before deciding on the choice of the option you need: Pros: – No […]

Key criteria for a comfortable workspace

We spend most of the day in the office, and how comfortable we feel in the workplace directly affects the efficiency of our work. Based on their many years of experience in the office interior market and the formation of an effective workspace, Mithridates Business Center experts identify the following key aspects that ensure comfortable […]

Top-10 Small Business Ideas in 2020

Предлагаем вашему вниманию «Горячую десятку» наиболее перспективных и актуальных в 2020 году бизнес-идей, подготовленную специально для вас консультантами и экспертами Бизнес-центра Mithridates: Разработка текстового/визуального контента УСЛУГИ ПО ОРГАНИЗАЦИИ МЕРОПРИЯТИЙ ТЕСТИРОВАНИЕ И ПРОФЕССИОНАЛЬНЫЙ ОБЗОР ТОВАРОВ И УСЛУГ​ КОНСУЛЬТАЦИИ ПО ВЕДЕНИЮ И ПРОДВИЖЕНИЮ СТРАНИЦ В СОЦСЕТЯХ ОНЛАЙН-КУРСЫ И РЕПЕТИТОРСТВО ДИЗАЙН ВЕБСАЙТОВ УСЛУГИ IT-ПОДДЕРЖКИ АФФИЛИРОВАННЫЙ МАРКЕТИНГ ТЕМАТИЧЕСКИЙ БЛОГГИНГ […]

Mithridates the Great: what is behind the brand name

Here are just some of the facts that are definitely worth knowing about this legendary ruler: – Mithridates VI (born in 134 BC), whose ancestors were representatives of the most noble Greek and Persian families, is known as the greatest ruler of the Pontic kingdom – He was attributed kinship with Alexander the Great and […]